Selling at Tradera

At Tradera there are three types of listings to chose from, on this page you can read about the difference between the listing types.

How much does it cost to sell at Tradera?

There is a commission fee of 10% of all sold listings, for unsold listings you only pay for optional add-on´s and a listing fee for any unsold listing after your 100th listing in the same month. This prices might vary if you have a store, taking part in a campaign etc. 

For a complete list of prices, click here.

What differentiates the listing types?


  • Auctions begin as soon as you press publish
  • You choose the end date, minimum of 3 days and max 14 days
  • The end time of the listing is the same as the starting time
  • The leading bid is always visible for both you and potential bidders
  • Once the auction is over the user with the highest bid wins

Fixed price listings

  • The listing becomes active once you press publish
  • A fixed price listing can be active for a maximum of 14 days
  • No bidding is possible, as soon as someone purchases the item the listing will be closed

Store listing

  • To publish a store listing you need to open a shop at Tradera
  • Store listings will be active until you decide to remove them or the last item in stock is sold
  • You can add how many items you have in stock and the listing will be visible until no more items are in stock
  • Store listing always have a fixed price

Auctions are the most common type of listing, this listing is a good choice when:

  • You are unsure of what and item is worth
  • When selling a collectors item
  • Used items where the value is hard to determine


Fixed price listings is a good choice when:

  • You want a quick deal
  • Are sure of whats the item is worth

Store listings is for those that sell a lot at Tradera or if you plan on selling a lot, a store listing is a good choice when:

  • You have several of the same item in stock
  • Want to sell lots of items in a specific category