Bids are binding

Bids placed on Tradera are binding.

Why do we have this rule?

By placing a bid or making a purchase, you commit to executing the purchase. The item must be paid for within a reasonable time, as long as the buyer and the seller have not agreed otherwise. Members who repeatedly do not pay for won auctions or fixed price listing may have their account suspended on Tradera.


  • Carina is new to Tradera and immediately wants to start shopping among all the interesting listings. She places a bid on most things she sees, without understanding that bids are binding. When she discovers that she has won a large number of bids, she ignores paying.
  • Erik is looking for a leather jacket and therefore bids for two pieces. When the bidding is over, he chooses to pay only for the cheapest, and then ignores paying for the more expensive jacket.


  • Frida wins an auction she later regrets. Despite that, she pays and completes the purchase.