Buyer's choice listings

A listing should always have a specific item for sale, size and color should be specified if applicable. 

Why do we have this rule?

Listings where the buyer is prompted to choose which item they won has a tendency to lead to a bad buyer experience, since the buyer does not know the exact terms or specifics of what they are buying. 
Selling items that have been modified after the sale, as long as size, color or model is specified, is allowed. 
The cost for modification should in this case be included in the price. 


  • Selling a pair of shoes where the buyer chooses size after the sale
  • Selling a cellphone case where the buyer picks a color after the sale
  • To have individual prices of several items in the same listing


  • Selling a ring with a specific model where the buyer is offered size adjustment
  • Selling a white dress in size M that's adjusted after the sale
  • Selling a name tag where the seller inscribes the name after the sale