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General information

Where can I find the vendors?

Here is a list of DHL vendors.

How long is the delivery time?

In general, your parcel will be delivered within 2-3 work days. The delivery can take up to 1-2 extra days depending on the time you handed in your parcel as well as the distance between the buyer and the seller. All deliveries are made during non-holiday work days. The time the parcel is sent from the vendor may vary. You can check with your vendor to know what time the parcels are sent.

What do I do if the parcel is missing/broken?

Claims for a lost parcel can be started if the delivery time is more than 30 days. Claims for broken parcels must be started within 7 days from picking up the delivery. Click here to start a claim. Parcels from Tradera that are sent with DHL are always insured. If lost or broken you can be reimbursed up to the selling price of the item, with a maximum of 5000 SEK (the insurance only applies to deliveries within Sweden).


How should I pack the parcel to avoid damages?

The sender is responsible for packaging the parcel properly to avoid damages. The parcels are in part handled by machines and are gathered in parcel cages during transport. The sender should package the parcel so that it wont be broken/break other parcels. Ensure that you use enough packaging material so that the item is stable and won't shift too much during transport. If the package manages a fall from the kitchen table it will be enough to manage transportation.

Notes or texts with "fragile", "glass" or "handle with care" won't matter since the parcels will in parts be handled by machines. 

How do I get the shipping note?

When shipping with DHL you don't need access to a printer. You will receive a booking number that you hand over to the vendor so that they can print the shipping note for you.

Can I use another vendor than the one I specified when booking?

You can pick the vendor that suits you best.

I want to change the recipient's address

If you haven't handed in the parcel you can contact our customer service and we will help with cancelling the shipment. The recipient can change the address here.

Can I use a box address as the sender address?

No, we need a regular address for the sender since we need to be able to return the package in case it is not collected by the recipient.


How do I know when I can retrieve the parcel?

You will be notified by an SMS message to the number that you have registered at Tradera when the parcel is delivered to the vendor. This also contains the shipping number which you use to collect the parcel. You can change your address and track the parcel here.

I want the parcel delivered to another vendor/address

You can change your address as well as other delivery options here.

How long will the parcel stay at the vendor before being returned to the sender?

The parcel will remain at the vendor for 14 days before being returned. You can prolong this period here.

Which ID's are valid for collecting my parcel?

To retrieve your parcel you need a valid ID as well as the shipping number. You will receive the shipping number in the SMS/e-mail that you get once it is delivered to the vendor. If another person is going to collect the parcel for you they will need access to a valid ID both for the original recipient as well as themselves. 

The following ID's are approved

  • SIS-marked ID-card or service card
  • ID-card issued by the Tax Agency
  • National ID issued by the Swedish police.
  • Swedish driver's license
  • Swedish EU-passport
  • Foreign national ID issued by countries within the Schengen sphere.
  • Foreign passport
  • Nordic driver's license

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