Electronic appliances

In general the sale of electronic appliances is allowed at Tradera, however some electronic appliances have restrictions or are prohibited by law (such as police scanners, radio equipment and radar detectors).

Why do we have this rule?

Some electronic appliances are prohibited by law, both to sell and to own. Other appliances are regulated and require a permit. You can read more at the Swedish board of communications webpage PTS.


Examples of restricted items

  • Cardsplitters, blocking tools, DSS-emulators, programmed smartcards, smartcard-programming software/hardware and other similar products with the intent to bypass encrypted broadcasts
  • Radar- & laser detectors
  • Jammers, such as cellphone jammers
  • Chipped gaming consoles, modified patches or hardware modified to play bootleg games
  • Mod-chips and flashcards
  • Game Enhancer-units for playing imported games

Allowed with restrictions

Allowed with restrictions

  • FM-transmitters as long as they broadcast at 87,5 – 108 MHz and a maximum broadcast effect of 50 nW
  • Laser-pointers with a maximum effect of less then 1mW. Listings of laser-pointers must contain the following information:
    – Strength / effect
    – Laser classification
  • USB-memory and memory cards as long as capacity is specified and correct
  • iPhone as long as it's not iCloud locked (must be apparent in the listing)


Examples of allowed items

  • GPS
  • Pagers