Explosives and chemicals

Selling hazardous chemicals is severely regulated. Some items are not allowed to ship with regular shipping services.

Why do we have this rule?

Trading and importing hazardous chemicals is prohibited or regulated in both European and Swedish law. This is why selling these items is prohibited on Tradera. Most shipping companies limit or prohibit shipping of hazardous materials, explosives or combustibles. 


Examples of restricted items

  • Gas, kerosene and other combustible materials
  • Empty gas canisters 
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnic devices
  • Flares, emergency rockets
  • Petrol and other fuels
  • Airbags, steering wheel with airbag, gas generators for airbags and used airbags
  • Items containing chemicals prohibited by Swedish or European laws.

Allowed with restrictions

Allowed with restrictions

  • Gas stoves as long as the gas canister is not included
  • Fire extinguishers as long as they are not containing carbon tetracloride or brass fire extinguishers with a T shaped handle
  • Items containing quicksilver within the approved limits 
  • Jewelry or jeweler items containing nickle, cadmium or lead as long as they are within approved limits


Examples of allowed items

  • Motor oil