Fake e-mails, also called phishing, mean that you try to deceive someone by sending fake emails pretending to be a company or similar in order to steal credit card information, login information or other sensitive information.

Examples of what may be fake emails

• You are asked to provide your password, either directly in the email or via a link
• You are asked to provide credit card information, either directly in the email or via a link
• You are prompted to click through to a login page to renew your login information

Here's how to protect yourself from fake emails

• Tradera never requests sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information via email
• Never click on links sent in emails that you feel uncertain about
• To be sure that the login is encrypted (secure), enter www.tradera.com in the browser to access Tradera

Contact us directly at abuse@tradera.com if you suspect you have received a fake email or if you happened to provide sensitive information to someone unauthorized.