Selling food and foodstuff is allowed at Tradera, provided that the packaging is still sealed. The table of contents must be readable in a picture and the best-before date must be clearly stated.

Why do we have this rule?

Selling, storing and transporting food and foodstuffs is regulated by laws.The reason behind this policy is to ensure that sellers follow the regulations and that buyers can always feel safe when buying food products at Tradera.


Examples of restricted items

  • Re-sealed packages of tea
  • Grilled meat
  • Spices without a table of contents
  • Picked fruits, mushrooms and berries

Allowed with restrictions

Allowed with restrictions

  • Products with proper packaging
  • Items not yet passed best by date, best by date must be specified
  • Table of contents must be apparent and in either Swedish or English (own translations not allowed)
  • Bottles for carbonation machines as long as the best by date is clearly stated in the ad


Examples of allowed items

  • A sealed box of chocolates 
  • A sealed package of coffee 
  • Unopened cake decorations
  • Gift baskets with unopened containers
  • Collector's items such as old Pez-dispensers even if best by date is passed.