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Our References 

"We are very pleased with Tradera as a marketplace and solution for our e-commerce."


"Tradera offers a flexible and attractive solution that relieves our IT responsibility and administration and gives very good sales results."

Jämtlands Auktionsbyrå

"We work with many different sales channels, but nothing is as affordable as Tradera. It is also a fantastic storefront to show us and our goods in."

Spel & Sånt 

"Tradera gives us the opportunity to reach a large national and international clientele. This means a great deal of interest in our various auction objects."

DG Auktioner

"We chose Tradera as one of our sales channels for products that have some form of defect or are used to give it a chance for new circular life through recycling. We like to sell on Tradera because it is the market's demand that sets the price of the product."


"As a newcomer to the Swedish market, Tradera was a fun and exciting way to reach out to the Swedish people, and a stable first step towards establishing Blue City as a "household name"."

Blue City

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Your registration may need to be supplemented with a copy of the company's registration certificate and a valid ID document for the company's owners. 
In that case, you will be informed by e-mail.

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Price List for Business Sellers

All fees to be paid to Tradera are stated excluding Swedish VAT. 


Commission Fee

Categories with 5% commission fee:
Computers & Accessories • Photo, Cameras & Optics • Home Electronics • Mobile Phones & Tele • Video Games & Computer Games

  • 5% of the selling price

  • Minimum 2,40 SEK

  • Maximum 160 SEK

Categories with 8% commission fee:
Antiquities & Design • Building & Tools • Books & Magazines • DVD & VHS • Vehicles, Boats & Parts • Stamps • Home & Household • Art • Music • Coins & Bills • Collector’s Items • Postcards & Images • Accessories • Children’s Clothes & Shoes • Watches • Clothes • Shoes • Beauty Care • Jewelry & Gemstones • Sport & Leisure • Other • Hobby • Toys & Children’s Items •Tickets & Travel • Domain Names

  • 8% of the selling price

  • Minimum 2,40 SEK

  • Maximum 160 SEK

Optional additions

In order to highlight the object, there are a number of add-ons to choose between when creating a listing. The add-ons are charged per listing period, regardless if the item has been sold or not. Restarted listings and automatic repetitions are charged as new listing periods.

  • Highlight 12 SEK
  • Rank up 36 SEK
  • Reservation price 32 SEK
  • Preferred closing time 8 SEK

Unsold Fee

If you publish more than 100 listings during one invoicing period (the first through the last of the month), a fee of between 2,40 and 8 SEK (excl. VAT) is charged per unsold listing depending on the category. The fee applies from the 101 st listing. Restarted listings and automatic repetitions count as new listing periods. 

Categories with 2,40 SEK (excl. VAT) are below, other categories have an 8 SEK unsold fee: 

  • Antiquities & Design 

  • Stamps 

  • Art 

  • Coins & Bills 

  • Collector’s Items 

  • Postcards & Images 

  • Books & Magazines 

  • DVD & VHS 

  • Music 

  • Garden & Plants

Stores for Business Sellers

As a business seller on Tradera, you can add a store subscription to your account. With a store, you get access to another listing format - store listings. On store listings, you can add stock balance to your products and they do not need to be restarted when one object is sold. They are active until the stock runs out or you choose to close them. Buyers can put multiple of your store listings in their shopping cart and check out by paying all of them at the same time. In addition to the number of store listings in each store, you still have access to the 100 auction or fixed price listings per month which are always included in the business account.

With a store, your alias will be searchable in the search field on Tradera's home page. You also have the opportunity to add more information about you as a seller and your company in the tabs for conditions of sales and contact information. Settings that apply to your store and the publication of store listings are handled through Sello.

All companies can sell on Tradera through a business account. However, we limit our store subscriptions to businesses that sell used and second hand products, as Tradera is primarily a circular marketplace.

All fees to be paid to Tradera are stated excluding Swedish VAT.


Special Stores

All stores have a one-month's notice. In addition to the monthly fee for the store, there are fees according to the regular price list. Here you will find Tradera's store agreement (only available in Swedish at the moment, soon to be translated).

How do the different listing formats work?


  • The auction starts when you press publish.
  • You choose how long the auction lasts, minimum 3 days, maximum 14 days.
  • The end time for the auction will be the same as the start time.
  • The leading bidder is always visible to you as well as potential bidders.
  • When the auction is over, the highest bidder wins.
  • You can only add one (1) product in stock to an auction listing. 

Fixed Price

  • The fixed price listing becomes visible on Tradera when you press publish.
  • A fixed price listing is always active for 30 days.
  • No bidding is possible, as soon as someone chooses to buy the product, the listing disappears from Tradera.
  • You can only add one (1) product in stock to a fixed price listing. 

Store Listing

  • To publish a store listing, you need to have a store subscription on Tradera.
  • You manage your store settings and publish the store listings through Sello. 
  • You can add stock to a store listing.
  • Store listings are active until you choose to delete them yourself or if the stock balance runs out.
  • Store listings always have a fixed price.

Sello for Business Sellers


What is Sello?

All Tradera members get free access to the Sello sales tool. The tool offers easy publishing of listings and order management of your listings as well as sales documentation for accounting.

Get started with Sello

To get started with Sello, register your account by clicking here. Enter the same login information that you use on Tradera and your account will be created with Sello. The Sello account is automatically linked to your account on Tradera.

The first time you log in to Sello, all your active auctions, fixed price ads, and shop items from Tradera are imported. You can also choose to import ended listings from 60 days ago. When you start using Sello, we recommend that you do not make changes in "My Tradera" as it might be a risk getting unsynchronized items. Instead, make changes directly in Sello and these will be synced in "My Tradera".


Issues and questions related to Sello are handled by Tradera's support for businesses. The easiest way to get help in matters concerning Sello is through the chat that you find in the bottom right corner when you are logged in to Sello.

Here you can find the support pages.   

Tradera Pay

To make things easier both for buyers and sellers we have combined several popular payment methods in our payment service. This means that soon all listings will have the same payment options. 

You can get your payments to your PayPal account or IBAN account. 

For Sellers

  • You offer more payment options without having to create extra accounts.
  • Regardless of how your buyer chooses to pay, the money will go into the bank account you specify.
  • The money arrives in your bank account 1-2 business days after the listing is paid.
  • No transaction costs for you as a seller.
  • Your buyers can pay with invoices or installments, and you will get paid within 1-2 business days.

For Buyers

  • You can choose the payment method that suits you best.
  • Pay directly or by invoice and installment.
  • Buyer protection is included when paying with Paynova.
  • No hassle, same payment method on all listings.

Create a Business Account

Your registration may need to be supplemented with a copy of the company's registration certificate and a valid ID document for the company's owners.
In that case, you will be informed by e-mail.

Contact our Business Sales Team

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