Shipping is easy at Tradera

Shippin is solved by a few clicks. Read more to learn how. 

When creating the listing

1. Check how much the item weighs, add a little extra for packing material.
2. Choose weight in the shipping box to see which vendors are available.
3. Choose a shipping vendor based on measurments and insurance.

Tip! Buyers often appreciate having multiple vendors to choose from 

When you have sold an item

1. The buyer choose a vendor and pays for the shipment along with the item.
2. Book the shipment from your email, app-push or from your sold items list.
3. QR-code and shipping label is sent to your email.

Tip! If you choose automatic shipping the shipment is booked for you as soon as the buyer pays.

Small parcels

Clothes, barbie dolls, jewelry.

PostNord offers cheap shipping options for small parcels. Choose between directly to the buyers mailbox or collect at a vendor. Tradera also have shipping bags for sale.

Mid-size parcels

Golf club, table lamp, small furniture.

DB Schenker and DHL offers mid-size parcels with a max length of 140 cm. The volume is equal to a moving box. The parcel is also insured up to 5000 SEK!

Large parcels

Chairs, recliners, bicycels

Bussgods offers up to 2 m in lenght. Max volume is m3.

If the parcel is larger than that you can always contact your closest Bussgods vendor.

Sell more with combined shipping

Combined shipping is an easy option when someone wants to buy more than one of your listings. All listings bought by the same buyer will end up on the same order and you will get a notification to enter a combined shipping cost and then its done.

In your seller settings you can choose how many days the order is open for new listings to be added. To settings

Sending parcels abroad

You choose which regions you want to sell to when creating the listing.

From Sweden or Denmark to EU countries. The shipping works similar to sending within Sweden. The buyer will get the correct shipping cost and you can book the shipment directly from your sold items list. If you offer free shipping within Sweden the Swedish shipping cost is deducted from the EU shipping cost.

Shipping to a non EU country. The buyer will be prompted to contact the seller for the shipping fee. You will need to contact your prefered shipping vendor for the costs.

Shipping FAQ

How do I as a seller check the shipping costs?

You will find our shipping costs in our Shipping calculator and on the create listing page. If you are selling a large item you might need to get a quote directly from the shipping vendor.

It is okay to add a cost for packing material if needed as long as the additional cost is resonable.

The seller wants to be paid more for the shipping than whats specified in the listing, is that ok?

The cost specified in the listing should apply unless both parties agree on changing the terms, this might be the case if the buyer want's the item to be sent to a vendor that isn't an option in the listing or if you agree to combined shipping for an additional item. In these cases you need to agree on a solution that works for both parties. 

You can read more about our shipping rules here.

The item was lost or damaged in transit, who is responsible for reporting the issue to the shipping vendor?

This varies between vendors. We recommend checking the vendors page. It's usually the sellers responsibility since they are the one who purchased the service. In some cases (PostNord within Sweden) you can create a case directly from your sold items list at Tradera.

The buyer wants me to send the listing to another address, is that possible?

It is possible to book to another address but you will loose your seller protection. Our recommendation is that the buyer changes their address in their order before you book the shipping, that way you wont loose your seller protection.


Do you have any tips for packing the parcel?

The shipping vendors have tips and what to keep in mind on their web pages. You can also check our packing guide here