Shipping guide

Which shipping vendor should I choose?

If you are sending expensive items we recommend that you use a traceable shipping method with insurance. There are other factors that's worth considering such as how close the vendors are for both the buyer and seller, which type and the amount of the insurance included.

As a seller it's always best to offer several shipping options to minimize the risk of loosing potential buyers.

Integrated shipping options

Integrated shipping means that the tracking information will be added automatically to My Tradera both for the seller and the buyer. For shipping with Schenker it also means that all shipping is booked directly from Tradera. 

How do I as a seller know how much the shipping will cost?

You can use our freight calculator or find the prices on the create listing page at My Tradera. If the item is classed as a bulky item we always recommend that you check if there are extra fees for larger parcels on the shipping companies homepage. 

If you need to use packing materials it's ok to charge extra for these as long as the extra charge is a reasonable amount. 

Shipping to other countries

Shipping within the EU

When you are using an integrated shipping option and selling within EU the booking and payments functions in the same way as it does within Sweden. The shipping price is adjusted based on the weight/parcel size and the recipients country. 

Once you've booked the shipping you can just print the shipping notes and hand in the parcel as you would when sending something within Sweden. 

Shipping to none EU countries

When shipping to a none EU country you will need to go to the shipping companies page to get the correct amount and update it manually. We recommend that this is done before the buyer pays for the item but you can also solve the shipping cost outside of Tradera.

The booking also needs to be completed directly at the shipping company webpage.

When you offer free shipping and the recipient is within the EU the amount for the Swedish shipping cost will be given as a discount to the buyer, so if the shipping would have cost 59 SEK within Sweden the buyer will get a discount for 59 SEK on the shipping price.

This does not apply to buyers outside of the EU.

Since you currently can't add weight to a shop item the system uses a conversion table to get the closest approximation based on the shipping cost and which shipping company that is specified. Example: If you choose Schenker and have a shipping cost of 64 SEK the table will convert this to the package weighing in at 1kg since the shipping price for 1kg is 59 SEK and that's the closest weight class.

Why is EU the default selling region?

If you use an integrated shipping option the amount of effort for the seller is the same as when shipping within Sweden. 

If you still want to limit the listing to only Sweden you can do that either before you publish or after the listing is published.

However, if the current highest bidder is from another country you can't limit the region.

Combined shipping

Most seller on Tradera offers combined shipping. Our recommendation when you've purchased several items from the same seller is to contact them before paying to check if combined shipping is something they offer and how to proceed. 

We are currently working on a combined shipping improvement, more information will be available once we are close to launch.

Shipping FAQ

The seller is charging more for the shipping then what's specified in the listing, is this allowed? 

The shipping cost should be the same as the one stated in the listing, however if you have an agreement with the seller to use a different shipping provider or if there are additional changes to the shipping agreement the seller is allowed to change the cost. In cases like this its up to both involved parties to reach an agreement. 

You can read more about our shipping rules here.

The item broke or was lost in transit, who is responsible for contacting the shipping company?

This varies from company to company, check the shipping company that you used for the parcel to read more on what rules applies and who should contact them.

The buyer wants to change the delivery address, how do I go about changing it?

To make sure that your seller protection is unaffected you will need to ship the parcel to the address that's listed at Tradera. The buyer can change the address temporary in My Tradera before the booking.