Freight and shipping fees

Shipping fees must be specified in the listing in the correct field. There are limits of how much you as a seller are allowed to charge in shipping fees.

Why do we have this rule?

This rule is for the transparency of the final price for the buyer. To have a reasonable and fixed shipping cost is a great way to increase the odds of getting your item sold. Sellers are allowed to add costs for shipping materials and handling within reason. Tradera won't regulate shipping costs, but we will investigate reports of misconduct.


Examples of prohibited shipping options

  • Refusing to accept payment methods that are in the listing to avoid buyer protection
  • To use freight costs or other methods to avoid Tradera's fees
  • To have a different cost for shipping and materials in the description than the one in the shipping box in the listing
  • To charge reminder fees for unpaid items as a regular seller
  • To avoid or claim not to adhere to "konsumentköpslagen" as a business "I can't be held responsible for the freight companies' errors"
  • To charge extra when receiving a PayPal payment
  • Having a lowest selling price in the listing if you don't have the add-on service "Reserved price" is not allowed


Allowed shipping options

  • To list a total freight amount in the correct box
  • To specify if parts of the cost of shipping is for material and handling. 
  • To use reserved price as an add-on
  • To specify which shipping materials you pay for
  • To only use integrated payment options.