How does bidding work at Tradera?

The most common type of listings at Tradera is auctions with a fixed end time where the highest bidder once the clock runs out wins. There is also fixed price listings and store listings where you can by the item directly without any bidding.

What you should keep in mind:

  • Read the description and verify the state of the item on the pictures in the listing since the majority of the items sold is second hand.
  • Check so that the seller offers a payment method that you can use.
  • See which shipping options are available on the listing, some items are only for pick up. 
  • Bids are always binding, if you win an auction and don't pay you risk getting suspended.

The bid ladder regulates how much the next bid is increased by.

  • 1-19kr - 1kr
  • 20-49kr - 3kr
  • 50-149kr - 5kr
  • 150-249kr - 10kr
  • 250-499kr - 15kr 
  • 500-999kr - 20kr
  • 1000-2499kr - 30kr
  • 2500-3999kr - 50kr
  • 4000-5999kr - 100kr
  • 6000-9999kr - 200kr
  • 10000+ - 500kr 

The seller wont sell the item unless the winning bid is above the reserved price

  • The seller can add a reserved price which is hidden for everyone else. This means that the seller wont sell the item if the ending bid is lower than the reserved price
  • If your bid is lower than the the reserved price you will be notified.

Max bid will place bids for you whenever someone else bids on the same item.

  • The bid is increase based on the bid ladder when someone places a new bid
  • The Max bid will never exceed the amount that you have specified as your highest bid
  • No one else can see your max bid
  • If the seller has a reserved price your bid will be automatically increased to either the reserved price or your bid limit, whichever comes first.