Leaving a review

Once your deal is completed, make sure to leave a review of the other party. By sharing your experience you help out our community of members to have a better experience.

When should i leave my review?

  • We recommend that you leave the review once the seller has got paid and the buyer has received the item.
  • Once the listing is sold you have 120 days to leave a review.

How do i leave a review?

  • You can find it on both the listing page or in My sold/My bought items by clicking the button "leave a review"

Can i change my review?

  • Once a review have been published you can no longer edit it. 
  • If your review isn't in accordance with our rules it will be removed and you will no longer be able to leave a review for that listing. You can find our rules here.

Thing to keep in mind when leaving a review

  • Your review is meant to be about the other party in the deal, things that are outside of the other persons control is better to not include in the review.
  • If your not satisfied with the deal it's always best to contact the other party before you leave a review, you might be able to solve the problem together.