Limit for identical items

Sellers are allowed to have a maximum of five identical listings active. Store listings is limited to one identical listing since they have an inventory.

Why do we have this rule?

The main reason for this rule is to prohibit one seller to monopolize a category by spamming similar listings.
This rule helps us maintain fair competition and a good buyer experience. 
Only identical items counts, if you have several sizes of the same t-shirt your allowed to list these as individual listings. If you plan on selling many similar items a store might be the right choice for you, that way you can have one listing with several items. 
During charity campaigns some exceptions to this rule might be allowed, but only when approved by Tradera.


Examples of prohibited listings

10 listings with identical cellphone cases

  • 10 identical iPhone cases as auctions- or fixed price listings


  • Five identical iPhone cases as auctions and five more listed as fixed price listings

Examples of prohibited store listings

  • Two identical cellphone cases


Examples of allowed listings

  • Five white cellphone cases as auction or fixed price listings
  • Five green cellphone cases as auction or fixed price listings

Examples of allowed store listings

  • One listing each for a green shirt size S, M and L