Medicine and medicine related items

Selling medicine and related items is restricted at Tradera. Selling medicine or using claims of a medical nature is not allowed.

Why do we have this rule?

Selling medicine, medicinal equipment and similar items is regulated and in some cases prohibited. 
The use of medical statements when marketing products is heavily regulated in sweden and is thus prohibited at Tradera. 
Read more at läkemedelsverket.


  • Products with claims of protection against viruses or Covid-19/Corona virus
  • That the product alleviates worry
  • Painkilling properties 
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Better healing
  • Increases potency/removes impotency
  • Good against tummy ache 

Allowed with restrictions

  • Tooth whitening products with less than 0,1 % hydrogen peroxide 
  • Cosmetic contact lenses (no strenght)
  • Medical equipment as long as it is CE-marked and has a Swedish manual
  • Softening when referring to cleansing products
  • Relaxing when referring to massage oils
  • Anti oxidant when referring to supplements 


  • Scalpels