Misleading titles and descriptions

Using a brand name in the title or description is only allowed if the item has a clear connection to said brand

Why do we have this rule?

Misuse of brand names is prohibited, having a title like "Shoes reminiscent of Adidas" is thus not allowed. It also has a negative effect on searches at Tradera.
Using pictures that you don't own might also be a copyright infringement and is prohibited.
For more information, check our rules for Brand copies, counterfeits and trademark abuse.


Examples of what is prohibited

  • Using brand names that's not related to the item in the listing
  • Misleading titles and descriptions where the item is not represented correctly
  • Using brand names to describe an item not associated with the brand in question
  • Using pictures that you don't have the rights to


Examples of what is allowed

  • Use of the correct brand for the item your selling
  • To describe the item by its actual properties
  • Using other peoples pictures if you have permission to use said picture