My listing was removed

We always monitor listings on the site to ensure that what's listed on the page is in accordance with our rules and that it doesn't break any laws.

We want everyone to feel welcome at our site and as such we prohibit some items that can cause offence. We also limit sales based upon laws and regulations, some products might require special permits to own, handle and sell and some items can't be transported by most shipping vendors.

Why was my listing removed?

Our Safety team noticed that something about your listing was violating our policy, or there was insufficient information in the listing than is required in certain policies.

We will always send an e-mail about which rule was broken, however the examples in the mail are general and might not be the specific reason in your case. We recommend that you check out the rules page for a more detailed explanation. 

There are active listings that also violate this rule, why are you not removing them?

In some cases we might not have noticed this listing yet. You can always help us out by clicking the report listing button.

We may also have received a receipt for the item for sale or that the person or people behind the listing have shown by clarifications in the description that they are not breaking any rules (check the example listed under alcohol below).

Does this mean that my account will be suspended?

The first mail is just to make you aware of the infringement and notify you that the listing was removed. We only suspend accounts when the same rule is broken repeatedly.

We realize that you might not be aware of the rule or why we prohibit the sale of certain items.


Common reasons for removed listings

It's prohibited by law to sell copies in Sweden, this includes pirated software, movies, copies of clothing brands, handbags, accessories and bootlegs.

In most cases the pictures in the listing aren't enough to verify that the item for sale is authentic. We recommend that you submit a picture of either the receipt or the label.


The shipping vendors do not allow shipping explosive or flammable items. These require specific permits and shipping conditions. Hence we have decided to prohibit all sales of such items on the site.

As far as matches are concerned, none of our vendors allow you to send them. If you send a matchbox as a collectors item, make sure to specify that no matches are included.


The most common reason for us to close listings for shipping infringement is that the listing provides only for pick up but that there is an addendum that the item can be shipped. Since we want the buyers to be able to see what the listing will end up costing them we require that all shipping options have a price specified. 

For payment options we close listings where the seller insists on a specific payment method when the listing has more than one option.

We don't allow listings with several items where you are supposed to choose one item to receive. The same applies to listings where you are supposed to choose size or color. 

We want it to be clear which item you are bidding on. If you as a seller want to have several of the same kind of item listed we recommend that you get a store subscription. Read more about stores here.


Referring to a brand other than the one that you are actually selling is not allowed. 

Common mistakes is listing an item with the word Airpods when you're not selling actual Airpods. The same goes for listing a jumpsuit as a Onepiece if it's not actually from that brand. 

Selling alcohol in Sweden requires specific permits and as such it is not allowed on the site. If you are selling a bottle as a collector's item, make sure to state that it's empty in the listing.