Net Payout

We have implemented Net payouts to make things easier for sellers at Tradera. This means that our fees will be charged before we make the payout to your account instead of being invoiced at the end of the month. 
Net payouts works for all payment options except for Swish.

If your account balance is positive at the start of a weekday we will initiate a payout. If you have a negative balance by the end of the month we will invoice the remainder.

Example - Fees being charged before payout

All events on the Payments & Fees page are shown in descending order with the latest event at the top.

In the example above we see the following events in the account balance:

  • 26/3 A 35 SEK provision fee is charged
  • 1/4 An invoice is created, the balance is -35 SEK which means that the invoiced amount will be 35 SEK
  • 5/4 A new listing is published with the add-on Highlight and a fee for Highlight is added. Total balance is -15 SEK
  • 10/4 The listing is sold and a provision fee of 48 SEK is added. Total balance is -63 SEK
  • 12/4 The buyer pays 480 SEK for the listing. Total balance is 432 kr
  • 13/4 A payout of 432 SEK to the sellers bank or PayPal account is created. Total balance is 0 SEK 


Q: In which cases will I receive an invoice?
A: If the total balance is negative on the last day of the month an invoice will be created.

Q: Is it possible to postpone the invoicing and let the negative balance transfer to the next month?
A: It's not possible to postpone the invoicing. An invoice is always created by the end of the month if the account balance is negative.

Q: The buyer didn't pay for the listing, how do I get a credit?
A: You can either report the listing as unpaid in the My Sold Items page, this will report the buyer and credit the fee. Or you can contact our customer service if the deal was canceled by both parties consent. Once the fee is removed the amount will be added to your balance and you will receive it on your next payout.

Q: The majority of my customers use Swish, how will this affect Net payouts?
A: We will charge as many fees as possible towards your positive balance from other payment methods. If there is a negative balance by the end of the month an invoice will be created and sent to you.

Q: Can I pay an invoice with my positive account balance?
A: It's currently not possible to use your positive balance to pay an invoice.

Q: I have a business account, will these changes affect me?
A: Business accounts won't get these changes until later this spring. More information will be provided before this happens.