New checkout for store listings

From the first of March we will begin launching our new checkout for store listings. We will enable this feature for more users during the following days and plan to have the new checkout enabled for all users on March the third. 
This change is the first step towards our integrated combined shipping feature.



How will this affect me as a seller?

Easier combined shipping

Since buyers no longer have to pay directly when buying an item you can change the shipping cost in case of combined shipping before they pay.

This does not mean that we are done with our combined shipping solution, this is just the first step and more features will be added.

What should I do if the buyer doesn't pay?

If the buyer doesn't pay we recommend that you try to contact them as a first step. If however this doesn't help we recommend that you report the item as unpaid and repost the listing/add it to your inventory again.

Are there any other changes for sellers?

You will receive two e-mails, the first when the buyer has bought the item and the second once they have paid. The reason that we have two e-mails now is so that you can keep track of the transaction. Please note that the first e-mail doesn't mean that the item is paid for yet.

This also means that the buyer experience for store listings is more reminiscent of how regular auctions work.

Mail to the seller

Mail when purchase is made
Mail when payment is completed

How will this affect me as a buyer?

This change means that you can wait with the payment until you are done shopping from the seller and you've agreed on the price for combined shipping in cases where the seller offers that service.

Remember that you still have agreed to purchase the item even though you don't have to pay straight away.