Offensive items

We limit the sale of items which is meant to instigate hate/discrimination of people based on race, gender, origin, nationality, skin color, language, faith, sexuality or political opinion. 

Why do we have this rule?

We want everyone to feel welcome at Tradera, this is the reason that we allow the sale of most thing, however items that propagate the use of hate, violence, racial, gender or religious discrimination does not belong on Tradera.
We allow the sale of genuine historical items as long as they have a historical value or is a collectors item. 
Each item is judged on a case by case basis. 


Examples of restricted items

  • New items that can be seen as incitement against ethnic groups
  • New items with ties to national socialism or racism
  • Music or movies meant to incite hatred or racism
  • Uniforms or personal belonging from concentration camps
  • All kinds of flags or armlets with Nazi symbols even if they are authentic 
  • Items meant to disparage nationalities or races

Allowed with restrictions

Allowed with restrictions

  • Documentaries/photography depicting war, victims of war or violence as long as they aren't in violation of the rules regarding racism, nazism, sexism, homophobia or other kinds of discrimination. 


Examples of allowed items

  • Authentic items from the second world war
  • Stamps, letters, postcards, envelopes and money from the second world war