Offering to buy or sell outside of Tradera

Ending a listing by finishing the deal with the seller outside of Tradera is prohibited.

Why do we have this rule?

When a deal is closed at Tradera we have the possibility to help both parties in case of a dispute. Finishing a deal outside of Tradera when listing the item at Tradera is prohibited.
Most listings at Tradera have the option to pay with our integrated payment services which adds a layer of security for the buyer. 


Examples of what is prohibited

  • To offer the sale outside of Tradera in a listing
  • To include links to other marketplaces, phonenumber, e-mailadress or other means of contact in the listing
  • To use contact information acquired at Tradera for marketing
  • To make an addendum to the add that the item is already sold
  • To have an alias similar to an URL
  • To sell catalogs at Tradera
  • Selling e-mail lists or database information containing user data
  • To try to instigate the sale outside of Tradera when communication at Tradera


Examples of what is allowed

  • To inform potential buyers of the ability to contact via Traderas messaging function
  • As a business it's alright to ad your corporate ID-number and contacts in your store on the contact page
  • To have a link to your store or a logo in the form of a domain in the banner on your Tradera page as long as it´s not clickable
  • To link to a blog, Facebook page or other page where no sales are conducted
  • Old catalogs that you can't order from as long as the description doesn't list brands
  • Books containing lists and information if the book has a ISBN number, like collectors books for stamps or similar.