Our collaborations

At Tradera, we work with the Police and other partners to make your experience on Tradera as safe as possible. Here you will find links and information if you need further assistance.


If you have been the victim of a fraud or other crime, we always recommend that you contact us. You should also make a police report on the Police website. We work closely with the police and always assist them with information in order to help. To make a police report, call 114 14. We always recommend that you have as much information as possible about the listing and the seller available.

If you suspect fraud or other crime on Tradera, use the "Report to Review" feature found on each listing or email abuse@tradera.com

Our collaboration with rights holders

At Tradera, we work with more than 300 rights holders to keep our site free from trademark copies and other unauthorized objects. If you are a rights holder, or an authorized representative of a rights holder, and would like to get in touch with us you can read more about it here.

If you are a rights owner or an authorized representative of a rights owner and want to get in contact with us, read more here

Theft tip

Theft tip is a tip function where you can easily leave tips about stolen goods or if you suspect fraud. You can also search among the items to check if the item you plan to buy second-hand is wanted or not.

The Swedish Consumer Agency

When you buy and sell with us, you are always protected by the law of Purchase & Consumer Purchase. The law differs depending on if you shop for an individual or a company. On the Swedish Consumer Agency's website, you will find more information about what rights you have as a consumer.