Price list for personal accounts

Costs for extra additions, commission fees and set-up fees are debited monthly via invoice.

Commission fee

If your item is sold, we charge a commission fee of 10% of the sales price.

  • 10% of the final price of the item
  • Max 200 SEK (does not apply to Domain Names)
  • At least 3 SEK
  • No maximum fee on the commission when selling Domain Names

Optional additions

Extra additions are always charged regardless of whether the listing is sold or not. Restarting a listing counts as a new listing, so the extra addition is charged once for each restart that occurs.

  • Highlight 15 kr
  • Rank up 45 kr
  • Reservation price 40 kr
  • Choose end time 10 kr

Set up fee

If you have had more than 100 listings (sold and unsold) during an invoicing period (first to last date of the month), 3-10 SEK will be charged per unsold listing.

This applies from listing number 101. Restarted listing, whether automatic or manual restart, is always counted as a new listing.

Categories that cost 3 SEK per unsold listing in set-up fee: 

  •   Antiques & Design

  •    Postage stamps

  •    Art

  •   Coins & Banknotes

  •   Collectables

  •   Postcards & Pictures

  •   Books & Magazines

  •    DVD & Videofilmer

  •    Musik

  •    Garden

Other categories costs 10 SEK per unsold listing.

Do you want to avert the set-up fee? Then you can get a personal store on Tradera, read more here

You always get a summary of what the listing will cost before you publish it