Purchase Request

Now it's possible to send a purchase request to seller on listings that ended without being sold. This means that there are more items for sale on Tradera than ever before - and also that buyers and sellers get an extra chance to make a deal. 

FAQ - Buyer

How do I send a purchase request?

Click on the button “Send Purchase Request" on a listing that ended without a buyer. Enter an offer that you think that the seller might accept and press send. 

Is my purchase request binding?

Yes, just like a bid a purchase request is binding if the seller chose to accept the request. The offer is only active for 24 hours. 

On which listings are purchase requests possible to make?

You can make a purchase request for any unsold auction or fixed price listing. Since shop items only end if they are sold out or if the seller decides to stop listing the item it wont be possible to send a request for shop items. 

What happens if the seller declines the request?

The listing reminds unsold, you can however make 3 requests per listing. This way you are able to send a new request with a higher offer. 

FAQ - Seller

What happens when I the seller don't answer the purchase request?

If you don't answer within 24h the request counts as declined. If you get several requests and chose to accept one of them all other requests are automaticaly declined. 

How do I know when I've got a new purchase request?

Purchase requests are sent as a message on Tradera. You will receive also receive an e-mail or an app notification when you get a new purchase request.

What happens if i opt out of the messaging service? (business accounts only)

All purchase requests are sent by Tradera messaging. This means that you need to have messages enabled to receive purchase requests.

Messages is active by default on all accounts and only business accounts can opt out of the messaging service.