Refund claim

This information is aimed at business sellers about the conditions that apply when a buyer wants to exercise his right to make a refund claim. This does not apply to purchases between private individuals.
3 year warranty

In the case of refund claims, the Consumer Purchase Act applies, which means that the buyer has the same right to complain as if the product was purchased in a regular store. The buyer has a 3-year right of refund and should make a refund claim about the product within 2 months after the defect was discovered.

Measures in case of incorrect item

If the product is defective, it is your duty as a seller to rectify this. In cases where the item is sent back to the seller, it is the seller who pays for the return shipping. Remember to discuss the options with the buyer beforehand. To solve the situation, you can, for example:

  • Correct the defect in the item
  • Send a new, faultless item to the buyer
  • Deduct the price
  • Give the buyer compensation for repairs
  • Cancel the purchase and return the money
More information regarding refund claims?

To read more information about your obligations as a business salesperson, please visit the Swedish Consumer Agency's website