Selling at Tradera

What does it cost to publish a listing?

We have a commision fee that's 10% for sold items. For unsold items you will only be charged if you use optional add-ons or if you publish more than 100 listings in a month. Prices may vary if you have a store subscription, using a campaign code etcetera.

To read more about or prices, click here.

How does the different listing types work?


  • The auction starts as soon as you publish it
  • You choose how long the auction will be active, between 3 to 14 days
  • The highest bid will be visible to you and potential buyers
  • When the time is up the highest bidder wins and both of you will be notified

Fixed price listing

  • The listing starts as soon as its published
  • A fixed price listing will be removed when its sold or after 2 weeks.
  • No bidding is possible

Shop item

  • To publish a shop item you need to have a store subscription
  • Shop items are active until you unpublish them or you run out of stock
  • You can add more of the same item to the stock
  • Shop items always have a fixed price

Click here to read more about store subscriptions.

How do I get paid for the listing?

You can get your payments to your bank account, PayPal or Swish depending on which payment method the buyer use and which account you've added. The first time you sell at Tradera you will be prompted to add either a bank account or a PayPal account. You can also add a Swish number.

To read more about Tradera Pay click here.

How do I pay the fees to Tradera?

Commission fees, costs for addons and listing fees is invoiced once per month. The invoice is created the first week of the month and you have until the last day of the month before the payment is due. 

You will get the invoice by e-mail and also in My Tradera.


A good description increase the chance of selling the listing

  • Use a descriptive title where relevant information such as color, size and model is included. Remember to only use brands when they apply to the item that you are selling. 
  • You can add up to five pictures per listing. Pictures from different angles and to highlight features makes the listing more inviting. 
  • If you sell an expensive item you might want to include the original receipt

You set the options for the listing

  • Unsure of how much the shipping will cost? Check out our shipping guide
  • Choose in which regions to sell, Sweden, EU or the entire world. 

Which listing type should I choose?

  • When your not certain what the item is worth
  • The item is a collectible
  • Used items where the worth is hard to assess
  • You want a quick deal
  • Know how much you want to charge for the item
  • Have an inventory with several of the same item
  • When selling a lot of the same kind of items