Combined shipping

For the buyer

Tradera's combined shipping makes it easier to ship multiple listings as one order by automating parts of the handling. Combined shipping makes it easier to find more items from the same seller and lessens the need for questions about shipping.

How does combined shipping work?

How to see if the seller offers combined shipping.

You can see if the seller is offering combined shipping on all listings on Tradera. Look for the combined shipping icon. 

The icon also shows how many days you have left to shop for the items to end up in the same order. If the seller has three days as a combined shipping period and you purchase the first listing on a Friday all purchases made during Saturday and Sunday will end up on the same order. 

If you purchase more items after the time is up these will end up in a new order and won't be added to the combined shipping.

Find more listings from the seller.

We make it easier to find more listings from a seller that you've made a purchase from. It's often cheaper to buy more items in one order with combined shipping than it is to buy them as separate orders.

If you don't plan on purchasing any additional items from the seller you can easily confirm your purchase and pay directly. 

Request combined shipping price.

Once you've purchased 2 or more items from the same seller you will get the option to request a combined shipping price. Use this button once you are done shopping from the seller if you want them to process your order before the combined shipping period is up.

When it's time to pay.

When you are done with your shopping or if the time is up, the seller will add a shipping cost to the order. Once the seller has added the shipping cost you proceed to the payment.

Remember that you are required to pay when you win an auction or purchase an item with the Buy Item Now button. You will be notified when it's time to pay for the order.