Combined shipping

For the seller

Tradera's combined shipping makes it easier to ship multiple listings as one order by automating parts of the handling. Combined shipping also provides a better overview of listings bought by the same buyer.

How does Traderas combined shipping work?

1: Activate combined shipping in settings.

To activate combined shipping go to My Tradera - Seller settings. If you have a shop at Tradera you can also add combined shipping to shop items to enable combined shipping of shop items, buy it now listings and auctions.

2: Change display mode in sold items list.

We have updated our sold items list to give a better overview of orders from the same buyer. When a buyer has won several listings within the combined shipping period they will be displayed as one order. 

If you don't see the orders make sure that display mode is set to normal in the sold items list in My Tradera.

3: Sold items when the buyer has purchased 1 item.

4: Your active listings are displayed to the buyer.

When you use combined shipping your customers will receive recommendations of other listings that you currently have for sale. This will be displayed on the listing pages, in e-mails and in the checkout.

5. Bought items are combined into one order.

6: The buyer requests a combined shipping price or when the time is up.

The buyer can request a combined shipping price once they are done shopping. When the buyer requests a combined shipping price or when the time is up you will receive a notification that prompts you to enter a shipping cost for the order.

7: You set the combined shipping cost.

Once you get the request for a combined shipping cost you can go to the sold items list to enter the shipping cost for the order. 

This will notify the buyer that the shipping cost is set and that it's time to pay for the order.

Before the combined shipping cost is added only the seller can mark the order as paid.

If you've agreed on a pick up of the order you can change the shipping cost to 0:-