Schenker FAQ


General questions

Where can I find a vendor?

Here is a list of Schenkers vendors

How do I track my parcel and where can I find the tracking number?

You can track your parcel in My Tradera. The tracking is saved so you don't need to save your tracking number.

How long is delivery time?

Your package is usually delivered in 2-3 work days. Depending on when you sent the parcel and where in the country the seller and buyer are located it can take up to 1-2 days extra. Deliveries on all regular work days. Different vendors sends the packages at different times, ask your vendor to know what time of day the parcels are sent.

What do I do if the parcel is damage or lost in transit?

You can register a reclaim request if the delivery time exceeds 30 days. Click here to reguster a reclaim request. Parcels sent with Schenker that are booked at Tradera is always insured. If damaged or lost you can be compensated. This only applies to parcels sent within Sweden.

For the sender

How do I pack my parcel to avoid damages?

The sender is responsible for properly packaging the parcel so it wont be broken in transit. The parcels are partially handled by machines and collected in cages during transit. The sender needs to make sure that the item is packed in such a way that the content or other parcels are damaged by the package. 
Use as enough packing material so that the item is immovable in the package. A recommendation is that the package should be able to handle a fall from a table.

Notes or text with fragile/glassware or similar wont give any extra protection since the parcels are handled by machines. 

How do I get the shipping label?

Once the shipping is booked you can download your label as a PDF file. You also get it as a PDF file via e-mail. Print the label and attach it to the parcel. From most vendors you can get a plastic folder for the label. 

For more information about the label and what to keep in mind click here. A PDF reader can be downloaded free of charge from this site

What happens if the parcel weighs more than I paid for?

If the parcel is heavier than what you ordered you will be charged for the difference in shipping cost. You will get an e-mail notification and the charge will be added to your next invoice. You can check all your upcoming charges here

Can I hand in the parcel at another vendor than the one I specified?

You can leave the parcel at any Vendor.

Do I get a receipt for the parcel?

You will receive a receipt by e-mail when handing in your parcel once it's been scanned. 

I want to change the recipients address, how do I do that?

The recipient needs to change the address before you book the shipping

Can I use a Box address as sender?

No, only regular addresses are possible. We need to be able to return the parcel in case the recipient doesn't get the parcel. Returns can only be made to regular addresses.

For the recipient

How do I know when the parcel is delivered?

You get an SMS to the phone number you have registered at Tradera containing the tracking number.

I want the parcel to be sent to another address

Contact the seller before the parcel is sent, or update you address before the seller books the shipping.

How long is the parcel kept at the vendor before being returned to sender?

The parcel is kept for 14 days before being returned

Which ID´s are valid for collecting my parcel?

To collect your parcel you need a valid ID and the tracking ID. You get the tracking ID in the delivery notification via SMS or E-mail. If another person is going to collect your parcel you need to bring ID for both persons. The following ID´s are valid.

  • SIS-marked ID-card or service card
  • ID-card granted by the tax ministry
  • National ID-card granted by the Swedish police 
  • Swedish drivers license
  • EU passport
  • National ID card for any country in the Schengen zone
  • Foreign passport
  • Nordic drivers license

I'm not able to collect the parcel within the allotted time period, can you keep it longer?

The parcel can remain for a maximum of 14 days, if you will be unable to collect the parcel during this time, contact the seller in advance and ask them to send it at a later date.

Got additional questions?

Contact Schenker:

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