Q&A – Bank ID


What is Bank ID?

Bank ID is an electronic identification service that's used to verify for your identity on the internet, this service is used by banks, Försäkringskassan, Tradera and several other websites. Bank ID is the biggest identification service in Sweden. To verify yourself you need to open the application on your phone, computer or tablet and enter your 6 digit security code. 

How do i get Bank ID?

You get Bank ID from your internet bank. Different banks have different processes for getting Bank ID, check with your bank for instructions on how to register a Bank ID.

Why do i need to verify with Bank ID at Tradera?

To ensure a safe and secure marketplace for both sellers and buyers we use Bank ID to verify the identity of our users. A verification with Bank ID is both quick and easy. 

How do i verify with Bank ID at Tradera?

When a verification is required the Bank ID symbol will show up on you screen. Click on continue and open your Bank ID app on your phone or computer and enter your 6 digit security code.

My verification failed, why?

These are the most common reason for a failed verification:

  • If you take to long verifying the login attempt will be canceled and you will get an error message.
  • If your trying to login with a cellphone you need to manually switch to the Bank ID app.
  • Make sure that its the same person on the Bank ID and the Tradera account (the last 4 digits are hidden for security reasons).