Information about copyright owners at Tradera


It is not allowed to sell Bootleg copies of brands at Tradera even if it's clear that it is a copy. Selling bootleg copies is illegal in Sweden. If you feel that your listing was removed without reason we recommend that you contact the copyright owner.


Tradera cooperates with a large number of copyright owners, this means that they can contact us to get items removed if the item violates the copyright. This helps protect Traderas users from buying copies or in other ways prohibited items as well as helping the copyright owners to protect the brand.

Listing removed

A copyright owner can ask us to remove a listing if it contains an item or other material that violates the copyright. This includes copyright, brand or other immaterial rights such as bootleg copies or misuse of a brand

Verifying copyright owners

To become verified as a copyright owner we will need the person to complete a verification process to ensure that the person reporting is authorized to do so. If your listing is removed you will get an e-mail with a reason why.

Reasons for closing a listing

Tradera can't demand to know the exact reason for the infringement since identifiers might be considered a trade secret. However we can provide you with an e-mail address that you can use to contact the copyright owner. This address will be included in the e-mail you get when the listing is closed.