Thank you for choosing Tradera!

To complete your registration at Tradera we need more information to verify your account.

To complete your registration we need an extract of the population register that verifies your information, you can find this at the tax ministries homepage.

What is a extract from the population register?

A extract from the population register is a verification that you are a citizen. 

Where can i find a extract from the population register?

You can find a extract on the tax ministries homepage by clicking on ”Print a proof of citizenship” and logging in with your electronic ID.

Save the file as a PDF.

Why do I have to send in this document to be verified?

The information you provided wasn't sufficient to verify who you are. The reason for this is to ensure a safe and secure market place for all of our members. 

Where do I send my proof of citizenship?

Click here to send us the proof of citizenship.