Selling at Tradera


Every week Tradera gets over 5 million visits and every third second a sale is made. Do yourself and the planet a favor and sell what you are no longer using. Most likely some of our millions of users wants what you are selling.

A good description increase your chance of a sale

  • Use a descriptive title with relevant information such as color, size and model of what you are selling. Remember that you are only allowed to use the actual brand of the item. You can read more about it here.
  • You can upload five pictures per listing. Clear and detailed pictures from different angles with good lighting will help you with your sale.
  • If you are selling expensive items a picture of the receipt is always a good idea to show the potential buyers that the item isn't a copy.

Sell on your terms

  • Not sure what the freight is going to cost? Use our freight-calculator to check shipping prices with different freight firms. To be sure of a safe delivery choose freight with tracking.
  • Choose where to sell, Sweden, EU or the whole world.