Shopping at Tradera

How does bidding and purchasing work at Tradera? 

The most common type of listing on Tradera is auctions with a fixed end time, where the highest bid when time runs out win. There are also fixed price listings and store listings where you can purchase the item right away.  

What you should keep in mind:

  • Read the description and check if there are any flaws, since most of the listings are used items. 
  • There are several payment options on the site, check that the seller is offering a payment method that you can pay with.
  • Different listings have different shipping options, sometimes the item is only available for pick up.
  • Bids are always binding and to skip paying for a won auction may lead to a report. If you get several reports your account might get suspended. 

The bid ladder decides what the next bid will increase by.

  • 1-19 SEK - 1 SEK
  • 20-49 SEK - 3 SEK
  • 50-149 SEK - 5 SEK
  • 150-249 SEK - 10 SEK
  • 250-499 SEK - 15 SEK
  • 500-999 SEK - 20 SEK
  • 1000-2499 SEK - 30 SEK
  • 2500-3999 SEK - 50 SEK
  • 4000-5999 SEK - 100 SEK
  • 6000-9999 SEK - 200 SEK
  • 10000+ - 500 SEK

Reserved price is the lowest amount that the seller agrees to sell the listed item for. 

  • The seller is always able to add a hidden reserved price. This means that they won't sell the listed item for anything less than the reserved price.
  • If your bid is lower than the reserved price you will be notified. 

If you place an auto bid we will increase your bid automatically when someone bids over your current bid.

  • The auto bid is increased based on the bid ladder when someone else bids over your current bid.
  • The auto bid can never go above the limit that you set. 
  • No one else can se your auto bid.
  • If the seller has a reserved price your bid will automatically increase to either the reserved price or your current auto bid limit, whichever comes first.

I won the auction, what happens next?

When you win an auction or buy a store or fixed price item we send you a winner's mail with the payment details. You can also pay directly on My Tradera.

You can also contact the seller directly by clicking the button "contact" in My Tradera or in the winner's mail.

  • On My Tradera - Buying - Won/Bought if the seller offers Tradera Pay.
  • If the seller has other payment options you need to refer to the winner's mail that we sent for the payment details.

How is shipping booked?

The seller will receive your delivery information automatically through us and will book shipping with the basis of what is specified in the listing.

Should you have bought several items from the same seller you can always contact him/her to check if they could ship the items together, as that will save you money and is beneficial to the environment.

You only have right of withdrawal if the seller is a business. Most purchases on Tradera are between private individuals and as such are exempt from the right of withdrawal. Our recommendation is to check with the seller.

If however the seller is a business, the regular right of withdrawal applies. 

If the seller offers Tradera Pay you can choose to pay with an invoice or in installments with Paynova. This payment option always comes with buyer's protection.

If the seller doesn't offer Tradera Pay you will need to talk to him/her to reach an agreement.