Do not provide information to unauthorized persons!

Due to us increasing the security on Tradera these recent years, we have excluded many options for people with dishonest intentions to commit fraud. Regardless of the increased security, you need to protect yourself, by being careful with your personal codes, passwords and BankID.


Here are examples of how a fraudster can try to communicate with you tin order to steal your personal information:


You, as a seller on Tradera, with an integrated payment method (Tradera payment) never have to contact the buyer for him to be able to pay. Tradera automatically gives the buyer the opportunity to pay via the website.

If you sell with a payment method such as bank transfer or Swish, you only need to provide your payment information to the buyer, who then makes the payment outside of Tradera. For some Swish payments, Tradera automatically fills in the payment information for you.


Tradera only asks you to verify yourself with BankID when you carry out an auction on the website yourself. This can happen when you are uploading a listing, trying to reset your password, or if you want to change your account number in your Tradera Payment. If you have not initiated such a measure yourself, never carry out a verification with BankID against Tradera!

Please note that Bank ID only applies to members with a Swedish personal identity number.

If you provide your password or an SMS code to an unauthorized person, or carry out an unexpected BankID verification, there is a risk that a fraudster is trying to access your account or information.

Tips to protect yourself

  • Never give out your personal codes or passwords to unauthorized persons 
  • Never use BankID at the request of anyone who contacts you.
  • If someone wants you to take action quickly, it is often a sign that something is not right. Instead, wait a while and contact Tradera's Customer Service if you are unsure.
  • If you are deceived by a fraudster - always report that to the police. Report both fraud attempts and completed frauds.


Contact us directly at if you suspect that someone unauthorized has attempted to gain access to your account, or if your account has been hijacked by an unauthorized person