Market your listing with extras

Want to improve your sales? Try our extras and improve your chances significantly. Choose Highlight, Rank up or why not both?

Increased visibility with Highlight

Highlight gives your listing a yellow background to make it stand out from the rest of the listings and catches the buyers attention

  • The listing gets a yellow background to better highlight it in the list
  • Up to 4 times higher chance of getting the listings sold
15 SEK

Higher placement with Rank up

With Rank up you increase your exposition by making your add get a higher placement in the search results.

  • Higher placement in the search results
  • Up to 6 times higher chance of getting the listing sold
45 SEK

Other extras that you can use

Choose end time

Increase your chances by choosing a popular end time. Tip! Sunday evening is popular with the buyers.


Reserved price

If you want to entice the buyers with a low opening price but want to ensure that it doesn't sell at to low of a price.

40 SEK

Good to know! Extras cost even if the listing is unsold.