Invoice and installments

It's not going to get safer than this. Paynova ensures that your purchases are safe and simple and gives you control of the payment.

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What's required for paying with Paynova (PayLater)?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Access to Swedish BankID
  • Approved credit check
  • Swedish resident
  • For installments the minimum amount must be at least 450 SEK

Choose between the following PayLater alternatives. 



The seller is notified directly about your payment but you wont have to pay until 14 days later. This way you get the product before you pay.



You can split the payment over 3, 6, 12 or 24 months for only 29 SEK per installment payment.

During the introduction period there is no extra charge for Tradera's buyer protection

A set-up fee and a credit fee is added, the amount differs depending on the amount of istallments (se the information below)

  • Set-up fee 60 SEK
  • Credit interest 0%
  • Set-up fee 100 SEK
  • Credit interest 0%
  • Set-up fee 200kr
  • Credit interest 9,95%
  • Set-up fee 300kr
  • Credit interest 9,95%

Buyer protection

Independent of which payment option you choose Tradera's buyer protection is included in the invoice fee of 6% of the selling price with a minimum amount of 5 SEK and a maximum of 750 SEK.



Reminder fee and default interest

For late payments a reminder fee and default interest is added, se costs below. If you delay the payment even further an administration fee of 29 SEK will likely be added. If its delayed for a third time the claim might be transferred to a dunning service where additional dunning fees might be added. 

This pertains to both invoice and installment payments. 

  • Reminder fee 60 SEK
  • Payment period of 10 days is added

Your invoice

The original invoice is sent by e-mail, no matter if you choose invoice or installments. Reminders fee invoices is sent by post to your home address. 

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