Traderas buyer protection

With our buyer protection you will be able to get help with deals that didn't go as expected. If for instance the item is not as received or if it's lost in transit we can help you. 

Buyer protection is mandatory on Tradera for all buyers except those with a Swedish account. 

What's required to get Traderas buyer protection?

You will always have buyer protection when making a purchase at Tradera except for Swedish buyers who have to add it manually.

Buyer protection costs 5 SEK + 5% of the items cost, max 750 SEK

How do I use my buyer protection?
If you paid with PayPal you need to start the dispute from your PayPal account.

1. Create a dispute for the listing that you wish to use the buyer protection on

2. Escalate the dispute to Tradera
3. You will get the first notification within 48 hours
4. We handle the dispute, you might be asked to provide additional information
5. The dispute is usually resolved within 14 days

If you have any questions or need help starting your dispute:

Contact our customer service