Tradera’s cooperation with rights owners


We believe that you as a rights owner knows your brand best. Together we can help each other to keep our site free of objects and content that infringes on your rights. That is something that we all benefit from.

Why should I as a rights owner cooperate with Tradera?

  • It protects our mutual buyers from buying items that might be counterfeits or in other ways prohibited
  • It helps you as a rights owner to protect your brand
  • The reported items will be prioritized and handled within a shorter period of time

How to get started

Fill in the details on the form and submit the Notice of Infringement-document. You can email the document to You will only need to send the NOCI-document once, thereafter you only need to email us the item number and the type of infringement.

What is a NOCI-document?

The required Notice of Infringement document is designed to ensure that the person who reports the item or content are a rights owner or authorized to report for the rights owner. It is also a way of simplifying the work for us and to identify what we need to act on.

Click on the link below to download the Notice of Infringement (requires Adobe® Reader).

NOCI for infringing items
NOCI for infringing content