Tradera's work


We at Tradera focus on several areas that makes our platform a safe marketplace. We strive for our buyers and sellers to always feel safe shopping and selling with us. You can read more about our focus areas below.

Personal data

Each member at Tradera has their social security number linked to their membership. This means that you are not anonymous when doing business on Tradera, as on other buying and selling sites.


On special occasions, we use BankID to verify the identity of our members. It is an easy and flexible way for our members to verify their identity.


We work to make sure that the listings on our site follows our rules and the Swedish law. All of our members can report a listing that does not follow our rules, which our security team then reviews. We also work proactively to find listings that do not follow our rules. Read more about our rules here.


We want all of our members to have a safe experience whilst using Tradera. For this reason, we continuously review members with whom others have had bad experiences with. Remember to use our features to give us a fair idea of ​​how our members are doing.


After each completed sale, buyers and sellers have the opportunity to give each other reviews. This gives us at Tradera and our members better conditions to probe other members.


We work with secure, traceable shipping alternatives such as DHL and Schenker. This means that you as a Tradera member also get better prices on these shipping alternatives.

Secure payment

At Tradera, we have an integrated payment solution. That means you can make sure that the seller has been verified.