Uniforms and security related items

Tradera allows the sale of uniforms and ID badges as long as they can't be considered a security risk. If the items are from the law enforcement, emergency services, security companies or similar fields there are restrictions for selling these items.

Why do we have this rule?

Tradera is following the restrictions we have received from the Police and other government instances regarding the sale of these items.
In many cases selling or owning these items without the proper permits are prohibited by law. 
Read more about it at the Swedish law enforcement web-site.


Examples of restricted items

  • Current or recent police and emergency services uniforms
  • Uniforms used by government agencies, civilian uniforms or parts of uniforms (such as ties, hats and cloth) that has been issued in the last 10 years or that is still current. Such as the army, fire fighters, airlines, railroad companies or security companies
  • Badges from the military police, badges and patches from law enforcement agencies or emergency services. Badges from national and international government agencies, badges from private security companies.
  • ID cards
  • Police jackets
  • Sirens and light from emergency vehicles and police/emergency barriers.
  • Equipment made for manipulating traffic lights
  • Copies or replicas of police badges
  • Originals, copies and replicas of nametags, ID cards, logos, security instructions, manuals, maps or notebooks marked as confidential

Allowed with restrictions

Allowed with restrictions

  • Uniforms not in use that isn't similar to current uniforms. This must be apparent in the description
  • Historical badges that´s not similar to current badges or from a defunct organization. This must be apparent in the description
  • Mini badges (about 3 x 3 centimeters)


Examples of allowed items

  • Costumes
  • Badges that obviously isn't legitimate such as plastic or toy badges
  • Souvenirs such as hats, mugs, pens, buttons and t-shirts