I won an auction, what happens next?

Once you've won an auction or made a purchase you will get an e-mail confirmation, a so called winners confirmation from us with instructions on how to pay for the purchase. You can also pay for the item directly from the listing page.

If you got further questions, you can contact the seller by clicking the button "contact the seller" on the page My bought items or in the e-mail.

How do i pay for the item?
  • You can pay for the purchase in My Tradera - won/bought if the seller has Tradera Pay. You can pay with Swish, Card or PayPal.
  • If the seller doesn't have Tradera Pay you need to check the e-mail from the seller.

How is the freight booked?

The seller will receive your delivery information from us and will book in accordance with the information in the listing. If you got question, contact the seller.

If you bought several items from one seller its worth asking if they can send the items in one parcel, this saves you some money and is good for the environment.

Do I have right of withdrawal?

You only have right of withdrawal if you've purchased from a Swedish company. Most deals on Tradera are between private citizens and is not included in the right of withdrawal.
We recommend contacting the seller.

Can I pay at a later date?

You can pay later by using Paynova, this only applies to Swedish citizens. 

If you can't/don't want to pay with an invoice you can always check with the seller.