Thank you for choosing Tradera!

To complete your registration we need to connect your Tradera membership to a verified PayPal account. For us to be able to connect the two accounts, the name and email address must be identical with your PayPal information. A verified PayPal account increases the security and helps us to maintain a secure and safe marketplace for all our members.

If you already have signed up for a verified PayPal account please contact our Customer Service by chat for activation of your account.

How do I register a Paypal account?

Join 169 million shoppers and 7 million businesses worldwide. Click here to sing up for PayPal. Please note that the email address for your Tradera account needs to be the same as your PayPal email address as well as the name and adress.

How do I verify my Paypal account?

You are charged about $1.50 for the verification process and then a PayPal code is generated and processed to your bank account which you will be able to view on your online statement, usually instantly.

Once you get the code , you are prompted to log into PayPal and enter the code, which then in turn verifies your account and then you get your $1.50 back.

We will not be able to create an account at Tradera for you. If you follow the above steps, your PayPal account will be verified and you will be able to create an account at Tradera.

Please read more here for more instructions concerning the PayPal verification process.

I already have a verified paypal account, how do I proceed?

When you have a verified PayPal account, contact our Customer Service by chat and we will be able to help you get started.