Listing guide

- Simple tips for a better experience

This guide is meant to help both buyers and seller to have the best experience possible when making a deal on Tradera. The tips are based on actual customer cases that we have received, feedback from users and the most common reasons for creating a dispute.

General tips

  • Communication is key if something didn't turn out as expected.
  • Wait with the review until the deal is done.
  • Most issues can be resolved by contacting the other party to find a solution. 
  • Don't start from the position that the other party intentionally messed things up. You might have had different expectations or there might have been a misunderstanding.   

Tips when buying

  • Read the description of the item, sometimes the pictures aren't enough to inform you of the state of the item.
  • If you need an extension of the payment period either check with the seller before buying the item or choose to pay with an invoice.
  • Don't place a bid if your not sure Once you've won a listing or purchased something you are required to pay.
  • We recommend choosing payment methods with buyer protection when purchasing expensive items.
  • Check if the seller is offering combined shipping when you plan to purchase several items from the same seller. Its better for your wallet as well as the environment. 

Tips for sellers

  • Be thorough when describing the item and if possible ad pictures from different angles. A good description and nice picture often leads to more bidders.
  • When will the item be sent? If your nearest shipping provider is a long way off or your only able to send the item certain days it always pays to be up front with it.
  • Do you expect to be paid instantly or could you wait a couple of days? If you have specific requirements add it to the description but remember that you are not allowed to opt out of or only accept certain payment methods.
  • Having several options of shipping providers is always appreciated and often means more bidders.

Tips for different categories/items

When listing an item make sure to add size, condition and if any extras are included in the deal. In the same way its always best to check for these kind of things when making a purchase as well as if the shipping options provided works for you.

We have gathered some examples of what's good to add or check for when buying or selling in a couple of categories.

  • Measurements
  • Material
  • Color 
  • Do you have the receipt
  • Which condition is it, are there any spots, broken seams or other things that are noteworthy
  • Do you have any pets that might trigger an allergic reaction
  • Smoke or other smells, has it been stored in the attic for a long period as an example.
  • Make sure the item is packaged so that it wont be broken or scuffed in transit. Among the most common complaints from buyer is that the item got shipping damage.
  • Are there any defects
  • Can you provide a document of authenticity?
  • Measurements or adding something for scale in the picture


  • Which make and model is it on the item
  • Any extras such as remote control, loading cables or other
  • Any scratches/defects that's hard to discern on the images
  • Do you have a receipt or is there any guarantee time left
  • What's the working condition, does the batteries hold a charge or are there other things of note.
  • What's the condition of the item, are there any defects
  • Are there any missing parts
  • If the item is dirty we recommend cleaning it up before sending it.


  • Size and measurements 
  • Any scratches or defects
  • Any scratches in the disc
  • Double check so that it's the right record/movie in the box before sending it
  • Have you tested so that it works? Remember that digital discs deteriorate with time.
  • Make sure to package well to avoid shipping injuries